Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
"Ultimate Fun, Ultimate Experience"
School Incursions

We are fast growing a great reputation for our educational incursions.
If you are seeking a new better alternative to teaching science click HERE to discover more.
OSHCare / Holiday programs

Our programs have gained wide acclaim to be one of the best going around.
When you book us we stay for as long as it takes to have maximum fun.
We don't set a time limit like most companies, we just stay until it's done.
Click HERE more info.
Fetes / Fairs

It's time to have an attraction that does exactly what the word says..., attracts people!
We can advertise your function on our P.A. system play music and most of all put on an interactive show like no other.
If you want your Fete / Fair to stand out click HERE for more info.
Corporate Functions

We have the fun you have been looking for to set your next corporate event apart from the rest.
Don't be fooled, we run some of the best radio controlled vehicles in the world today and you get to play with them for maximum entertainment.
Click on HERE for more details.
Kids Parties

Yes! We do parties for big and small kids!
Have the party that comes to you!
Click HERE for more details.
We thank our sponsors for your continued support.