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Ultimate RC FAQs

General FAQ's

Q. Where are you situated?
A. We are in Melbourne, Victoria but we travel everywhere in OZ.

Q. What does RC Stand for?
A. RC Stands for Radio Controlled or Remote Controlled

Q. Are your RC Vehicles just toys?
A. No. We have some of the most advanced vehicles available.

Q. Can you operate indoors and outdoors?
A. Yes, our cars are battery operated, so no fumes and our track is totally mobile to suit any location. We can operate on grass or hard surfaces.

Q. How fast do the cars go?
A. Our RC trucks are capable of going up to 100kph! However, we operate them on a training mode and top speed is around 40km/h

Q. Do you sell RC gear?
A. No, But we can suggest some fantastic local suppliers.

Q. How far ahead do I have to book?
A. We operate on a first in best dressed scenario, but depending on the size of the event we can operate with as little as 2 weeks' notice.

Q. What days do you operate?
A. We are available 7 days a week, including public holidays and school holidays. OK, we might take Christmas Day off!

Q. Do you only operate cars as part of the show?
A. Participants are only able to drive the cars. However, in our educational programs, we display and discuss aeroplanes, helicopters, motorbikes, boats, dragsters, and lots more!!

OSHCare / Holiday Program FAQ's

Q. Is there a minimum age for participants at school events?
A. We prefer children being over the age of 5. However, adult supervision is required at all times.

Q. What is the maximum number of participants in a group?
A. From experience we have found that a maximum of 15 participants works well.

Q. Can Adults participate at RC Hobbies events?
A. The school events are predominantly for the kids. But, yes the big kids have a little section at the end!! You won't miss out!!

Q. What size area do you need to operate within?
A. Our optimum space is approx. 15m x 30m (similar size to a netball court). Obviously the bigger the space, the more fun you can have!

Educational Incursion FAQ's

Q. Do the children get a go of the radio controlled vehicles?
A. If organised prior to our visit, driving our cars is well and truly accepted

Q. Do you demonstrate other vehicles?
A. With the correct area's we will demonstrate any of our vehicles

Q. What's the setup time?
A. Setups change depending on the incursion (max 1hr)

Q. How much room do you need?
A. A hall is the best for us but depending on what we are teaching and displaying we may fit in the normal classroom.

Q. Are the incursions run in doors and/or out doors?
A. Depending on what is going to be taught and how there is usually no problem.

Q. Can you adapt the incursion package?
A. Yes, we welcome custom / tailored packages

Corporate based FAQ's

Q. Do you operate at corporate events and Team Building Activities?
A. Most definitely!! We will tailor make a program to suit your needs.

Q. How do you run these events?
A. Ultimate RC Events can totally stylise the event to suit your wants and needs. We have not done the same corporate event twice so far