Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
This sad Ultimate RC Events crew member needs a party to attend.

"All these cars and no one to play with"

"Big & Small kids are welcome to play with our cars"
Ask yourself this question,
Would you, your son, daughter, dad, mum, sister, brother or friend like to play with radio controlled cars at any location at their birthday?

Book now by contacting us for more information and available dates HERE
$400 for 2 hours.

2 x 50min sessions with a break in the middle.
Usually the adults have a go in the break.
Regional areas may attract additional fees.
We will do parties interstate contact us for a quote!
We come to your house, park, factory or where ever you wish to run. We suppy radio controlled cars to let the party people drive.

We also bring a couple of our own to entertain with.

Marquee and barriers also are supplied if needed.

We do ask that children are supervised by adults and a maxium of 12 children per party.