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Ultimate RC Events
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OSHCare & Holiday Programs

Welcome to what is fast becoming one of the best OSHCare and holiday program incursions going around!

What to expect...

We will be there for most of the day, not set times then leave.

We will maximise the fun factor like no other.

Interaction with both children and staff.

Educational and informative explanations of all the vehicles that we bring with us.

Our ever popular "Staff Race"

Question and answer time at the end to allow the children to ask all those begging questions.

We will run rain, hail or shine.

Outdoor preferably but indoor if need be.

Radio controlled vehicles such as: Planes, helicopters, buggies, trucks, monster trucks, dragsters, motorbikes and some surprises thrown in. You'll never know what will show up with.
The format for the day...

We run 1.5hr sessions with up to 20 children per session.
(Yes we are flexible with these numbers)
A session has aprox 20mins of demonstrations and 1h with the kids driving radio controlled cars.
(The sessions are worked in with most time constraints. E.g. lunch etc.)
We run up to 3 sessions in a day but we are able to span our whole program over multiple days if you have big groups of children.
On the day we have a staff race in front of the whole group, where scores are settled!
After a quick pack up to secure RC vehicles we meet in your hall or large room for a surprise demonstration then question and answer time.
The Setup...

It's simple but effective.
We setup on your oval, basketball court or even car parks.
We operate out of our van and trailer with 2 x (3x3) marquees.
One marquee protects our gear and the other protects the children and adults form rain or sunshine.
A barrier is place down to protect the children then some simple jumps and tires are placed down to create the basis for a whole lot of FUN!

$450 minimum per day for 30 children

$15 per head thereafter

50% deposit to secure your date

If you have more than 70 children it is advised to run the program over 2 days.

Contact us for more details