Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
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Frequently ask questions about our incursions.

Q. Do the children get a go of the radio controlled vehicles?
A. Driving our cars is part of the experience in most of our incursions.

Q. Do you demonstrate other vehicles?
A. With the correct area's we will demonstrate any of our vehicles if valid to the topic.

Q. What's the setup time?
A. Setups change depending on the incursion (max 1hr)

Q. How much room do you need?
A. Depending on what we are teaching and displaying. Check the respective topics for area needed.

Q. Are the incursions run in doors and/or out doors?
A. Most are but this depends on the school's space, both buildings and out door areas.

Q. Can you adapt the incursion package?
A. Yes, we welcome custom / tailored packages