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Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
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Explore the various ways in which aircraft create flight.


Flying things has fascinated children and adults for years. With the advancements of technology these machines and designs have been shrunk down and radio gear applied to make some of the most advanced vehicles on earth.
Welcome to 'Flight', where kids both big and small will be able to explore the basics of aircraft and the various vehicles that take flight in today's world.
This incursion brings some of the best flying vehicles to your school to have an open discussion about flight; the basic concepts and aircraft design.
The conversation and technical information will be modified depending on the year level.
We will demonstrate and fly some of our aircraft, as well as letting the kids have some fun in the 'Ultimate fly off', with a prize for the winner.


Ø To explore the various aircraft.
Ø To create an understanding of basic design of flying machines.
Ø To understand the basic science of flight.
Ø To create discussion as a group.


· This session is run as a whole level discussion and covers various AusVELS Domains such as Science, Interpersonal Development and Design, Creativity and Technology. Covering concepts such as simple machines and forces.
· Sessions are 90 minutes.
· A large hall, gymnasium or large indoor space is necessary for this session.
· Levels with more than 4 classes may need to have 2 sessions.