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Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
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When "high tech" meets simple machines!


Radio controlled vehicles would not exist without the 6 classic simple machines.
Lever, Wheel and axle, Pulley, Incline plane, Wedge and Screw are integral to the operation of some of the coolest RC vehicles going around.

Allow children to explore today's technology using radio controlled vehicles to discover simple machine within.
Radio controlled vehicles such as cars, helicopters and planes would not operate without the use of simple machine so we explore where they are how they operate in vehicles such as these.


Ø Identify where all 6 simple machines are on radio controlled models.
Ø Explore the way simple machine are used on radio controlled models.
Ø Engage the students by bringing technology that they can relate to.
Ø See how forces are changed using simple machines.


  • Sessions are 90mins operation.
  • We prefer to be outdoors on an oval or basketball court.
  • We can run inside as long as it is in some sort of large hall, gymnasium or large open space.