Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
Ultimate RC Events
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"Taking charge of your role and responsibility"
Interpersonal Development (Team Building)


Welcome to the Ultimate Race.
This race puts team against team as they try to solve problems, race against the clock, partake in mini games and ultimately work to their strengths to be successful.
The Ultimate Race has been designed to engage all team members, whilst bringing out their personal strengths.
Teams will have to work closely with each other and share the main role as the Ultimate Race is not won by individual achievements.
This is all done whilst trying to master the art of radio controlled vehicles which of course plays a major role in all our events.


Ø To take charge of your role and responsibility within your team, while respecting the decisions        and opinions of others.
Ø To effectively work in teams to achieve common goals.
Ø Strategise to maximise potential.
Ø Effective time management.
Ø Create solutions by problem solving in a group.
Ø Working with others to find a mutually agreeable outcome.


  • Sessions are 90mins operation.
  • We prefer to be outdoor on an oval or basketball court.
  • We can run inside as long as it is in some sort of large hall, gymnasium or large open space.
  • Most infrastructure can be moved to allow use of the area/s in breaks.A very small amount of organising needs to be done prior to our arrival.