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Kids Parties

Ask yourself this question,
Would you, your son, daughter, dad, mum, sister, brother or friend like to play with radio controlled cars at any location at their birthday?

What to expect


We will arrive approx. 1hr before the party begins to check out the area and then setup.

Session over view:
1. Rules
2. Driver's instructions and demo
3. Session 1 - Crash and bash with jumps
4. Family race
5. Session 2 - 2nd round crash and bash
6. Birthday Girl/Boy Extreme driving session.

What space do we need?

We come to your house, park, factory or where ever you wish to run.

It's recommended to have approximately half a basketball court in size. However we have successfully run in smaller spaces with all sorts of different configurations.
The fewer things to hit the better.

Our preference is to run on flat surfaces but we can run on grass and gravel should the need arise.

What do we supply?

We supply radio controlled cars and ramps to let the party people drive and jump.

We also bring a couple of our own to entertain with.

Marquee and barriers also are supplied if needed for safety and comfort.

We do ask that children are supervised by adults at all times.
A recommendation of between 12 to 15 children per party works well. You are however able to have more if you wish at no extra charge


$450 for 2 hours.

2 x 50min sessions with a break in the middle.
(Usually the adults have a go in the break.)


We are in Melbourne Victoria and will do most areas as a flat rate.
We will do parties interstate.
Travel costs may apply in some areas of regional Vic and interstate.

Give us a call or email us for available dates and more details here