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Team Building

Question... Are we good at Team Building?
Kenningington Primary School thinks so....... 12yrs in a row putting aprox. 200 children through in 2 days each time. Grade 5 and 6
This is a stat unheard of in the incursion space and at schools.

Covid has seen things shift and this has led to a heightened focus on mental health and wellbeing.
Our children / students have gone through some tough times whilst trying to adapt to the current environment.
Here at Ultimate RC Events we want to help and guide children, calling on them to work as both an individual and as a group.
To strategise, to better cope with life changes and challenges.
And ultimately and most importantly have FUN! whilst doing it.

Welcome to Ultimate RC Events Team Building supporting your health and wellbeing.

Team Building


To establish a team environment with young people, you need to have something they can all enjoy individually and as a group.

Welcome to the ultimate radio controlled circuit....

Games like Mad Hatta, Tunnel Car, Jacobs Ladder and Jiggling Jigsaw are all specifically designed to bring together teams in the ultimate radio controlled test.

Participants will be split up into groups of approximately 5 and set out on the circuit to play mini games that will challenge their interpersonal skills.

This is all done whilst trying to master the art of radio controlled vehicles which of course play a major role in all our events.


  • To effectively work in teams to achieve common goals.
  • Strategise to maximise potential.
  • Stick to timeframes allocated.
  • Create solutions by problem solving in a group.
  • Use verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Exploring and analysing options to make sound decisions.


  • Sessions are 90mins operation.
  • We prefer to be outdoor, on an oval or basketball court.
  • We can run inside as long as it is in some sort of large hall, gymnasium or large open space.
  • Most of our infrastructures can be moved to allow use of the area/s in lunch breaks etc.
  • Set up takes about 30mins.

What can you expect as outcomes from our visit?

The main message.

A better understanding of what can be achieved when you work as one.
Time management and how this works.
Positive mind set and how this effects problem solving.

Through out the games.

Our games challenge participants to work with and alongside each other to gain better results.

Participants are compelled to think creatively throughout the games as the trick is not what the rules say for each game but what they don't say.

Teachers bonuses.

Teachers are encouraged to look at their classes and observe behaviours to identify areas of behavioural improvement that they may not have identified in the classroom.

Scores are withheld and given to teachers to use after we leave. This has proven to be a powerful but simple tool that gives teachers the ability to discuss improvement within the class (team) behaviours.

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