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"Ultimate Fun, Ultimate Experience"

OSHCare & Holiday Programs

What to expect

  • Radio Controlled car driving lessons

  • Team strategy games played with radio controlled cars on a points system

  • Short intermission in the middle to setup next event

  • Crash and bash session (this extends dependent on participants)

  • Staff race

  • Question and Answer time

  • Stunt displays

Recommended Session times

Sessions lengths are dependent on the amount of children:

  • 2.5hrs session for up to 30 - 39 Children

  • 3hrs session for up to 40 - 49 Children

  • 3.5hrs session for up to 50 - 59 Children

  • 4hrs session for up to 60 - 69 Children

  • Above 70 children - Times will be disccused


The Setup

It's simple and effective.
We setup on your oval, basketball court or hall, indoor or out.

We operate out of our van and trailer with 2 x (3x3) marquees if required.

A barrier protects the children and encloses several simple jumps.

Cones are added for games and a race track when needed.

Add some of the most advanced radio controlled cars in the world today and you have the basis for "A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!"


$450 minimum per day for 30 children

$15 per head thereafter

If you have more than 70 children it is advised to run the program over 2 days.

Give us a call or email us for available dates and more details here