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"Ultimate Fun, Ultimate Experience"

OSHCare & Holiday Programs

What to expect

  • Radio Controlled car driving lessons where every child gets a drive and a chance to do jumps

  • Team game with everyone involved

  • Staff race

  • Question and Answer time

  • Stunt displays

Recommended Session times

Sessions lengths are dependent on the amount of children:

  • 1.5hrs session for up to 15 - 29 Children

  • 2.5hrs session for up to 30 - 39 Children

  • 3hrs session for up to 40 - 49 Children

  • 3.5hrs session for up to 50 - 59 Children

  • 4hrs session for up to 60 - 69 Children

  • Above 70 children - 4+hrs


The Setup

It's simple and effective.
We setup on your oval, basketball court or hall, indoor or out.

Minimum space required is about half a basketball court.

A barrier protects the children and jumps are laid down for some added driving fun.

Cones are added for games and a race track when needed.

Add some of the most advanced radio controlled cars in the world today and you have the basis for "A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!"


$225 for a min 15 children and $15 there after.

Travel costs may apply but this is calculated on each individual booking if need be.

We travel all round Victoria and will consider interstate.

Give us a call or email us for available dates and more details here